Welcome to my blog here is an online journal, written throughout my course.

I will also include images of things iv seen and liked…….

I started a trail of thought as how I would go about my summer project.
I have been noticing recently how amazing my garden is. My mum has been working hard all year and now summer is here we can all see her hard work paying off.
I have also become much more interested in flowers and how amazingly different they are.
So I started taking pictures of my garden and my surroundings beginning my recordings of my summer.
I feel quite conscious that it should not be like a journal. Although it will be a record over time I do not want it to feel as if it flows through a time period i.e. consecutive days.
My initial thoughts from reading the project are that I will focus on something different every week. This week will be flowers and next week could be fish as we have a pond with some interesting fish in and I would like to study the colours and scales in more detail.
I don’t feel worried that my recordings go together in any way, it would be interesting if they did purely incidentally though. At the end of my project I might start pulling bits out that do go together to create my final collection.
I also would like to use photography and drawings to create my designs, ideally with Photoshop, but as I don’t have access to Photoshop this might be a nice opportunity to get to grips with a software I have had for a while and never really used called Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2.
In fashion at the moment I really like the ripped denim look. It’s so summer and just what we need to feel summery but fitted.


~ by madeleinehunter on October 20, 2009.

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